The Air Treatment Refrigeration Team Delivers Engineered Process Cooling and Heating Solutions Using Innovative Technologies, to:

  • Increase the rate of production
  • Improve food safety
  • Reduce water, electricity, and gas usage
  • Deliver the most economical solution

We only work with the best, and our talented refrigeration system engineers lead the industry.

Our engineers are trained and experienced in engineering commercial/industrial refrigeration systems. We have worked alongside the industrial refrigeration industry for decades and fostered a spirit of excellence. This experience enables our team to represent the leading manufacturers of refrigeration products for cold storage and food processing. Our technology is built around energy savings as well as preserving our environment, including ammonia and CO2 solutions.

Industry-leading Manufacturing Partners Specializing in Energy-efficient and Environmentally-friendly Refrigeration Systems

We employ proven technologies that reduce energy and water usage and limit environmentally destructive refrigerants – because we understand industry codes related to safety, energy, and refrigerants.

Our Purpose is to Support Our Clients and Help Them Meet Their Industrial Refrigeration Needs Economically, Through Innovative Solutions, Systems, Equipment, and Superior Customer Service.

You can maximize the incentives available through the utility companies and the state for energy, water, and greenhouse gas reduction with the help of our skilled engineers. We upgrade, modernize and increase the production capability of the refrigeration facility, thereby expanding the facility’s future business potential.


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