Climate control tailored to support our military: BEQs, field hospitals, training facilities, equipment maintenance bays, and equipment containers to operate in varying conditions around the world. Our site-specific products and services ensure that bases function flawlessly while catering to the comfort of the selfless defense forces.


Innovative energy management maximizes operational efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint and costs of large-scale airports that provide a workplace and an important service for thousands of travelers. Smart HVAC engineered solutions provide airports with both Central Utility Plant (CUP) support and as well as air handling unit solutions for their terminals.

Office Buildings

Increase the level of productivity and morale amongst employees and workers with excellent air quality and ventilation for optimal thermal comfort. Our sophisticated systems are designed to provide air at a pleasant temperature, while eliminating harmful air pollutants that often lead to building-related illnesses.

High-Rise Residential

Cost effective, quiet cooling, heating and ventilation tailored to the unique spatial challenges of high-rise residential buildings. We offer a myriad of the most economical HVAC solutions, tailored to energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Life Sciences

Critical temperature control systems that ensure product quality for patients, control of biotech, pharmaceuticals, labs, and storage facilities. Our integrated HVAC & R systems facilitate a productive and safe environment that encourages the eco-friendly development of life sciences.


HVAC systems dedicated to providing reliable air conditioning and heating, ensuring a pleasant experience for staff and guests while reducing energy and initial costs.


Ensuring passenger comfort and hygiene with a continuous supply of conditioned air that caters to extremely low or high temperatures. HEPA filters, the gold standard for air filtration, remove impurities, such as dirt, dust, moisture, and bacteria from the air.

Medical Office Buildings (MOB)

With a strong focus on patient comfort, our HVAC designs contribute to indoor air quality, indoor environmental quality, and general health of patients and staff at medical facilities. We secure all aspects of established design, ventilation rates and temperature control, to maintain the sustainable and environmentally conscious operation of medical facilities.

K - 12

High-efficiency equipment and intelligent building controls that preserve healthy indoor air quality from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Our systems eliminate hazardous conditions that compromise the health and safety of students, teachers and staff and create a more sustainable learning environment.

Entertainment Studios

Lights, HVAC, Action Sophisticated air handling systems that comply with the spatial function, noise level, cooling, lighting and power quality of sizable venues. Developed to provide uninterrupted comfort, and low-noise solutions for large production companies.


Assisting the success of the cannabis industry with temperature and humidity control systems, accessible to all sizes of operations. Intelligent HVAC systems optimize every aspect of the cultivation process, from seed to harvest and uphold the crucial balance between cost and efficiency.


Strategic, reliable and efficient HVAC & R systems that construct a comfortable environment for builders and tenants while reducing energy and operational costs. Our systems function to ensure proper ventilation and thermal comfort.

Sports Arenas

Heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems cater to tens of thousands of occupants in multi-functional arenas, and ensure a temperature-controlled, comfortable environment for athletes, workers, spectators and visitors.

Assisted Living

Creating a hospitable and healing environment for patients and residents by improving the indoor air quality to reduce the amount of airborne respiratory irritants that cause discomfort and illness.

Cold Storage & Food Processing

Maintaining the highest quality of temperature-sensitive food and pharmaceutical products through refrigeration, freezing and an effective low-temperature environment. Our solutions adhere to the latest FDA and energy requirements and often involve combined cycle equipment for accomplishing both, low temperature and high temperature wash-down requirements. Many of our solutions contain environmentally friendly refrigerants, as well as water conservation strategies.


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